STG and Escape Reality Partnership Announcement

As some of you know Small Town Gaming has made a bold step in 2018 by making our hobby into a business were people can hire us to run their own gaming tournaments and events. For a long time STG has suffered from one reoccurring problem. We didn’t have a place to call our own. We’ve jumped from venue to venue in order to host our tournaments. From libraries to community centers and even our own houses, we’ve used them all. However gaming is in our blood, its what we do and we always love putting on a show for our community.

It’s has been a long time in the making but the big day is finally here. Today we at STG are super excited to announce a partnership with Escape Reality VR Arcade!


We have previously worked with Escape Reality last year for several of our events which all turned out great! So when it came time for them to expand their business to a second store in the Salisbury Mall, we knew it was time to up our game as well. 

From now on all in house STG tournaments will be held at this location and of course you get some deals to boot! Anyone who enters one of our tournaments at this location will receive a free 5 minutes of VR playtime. You can play for just 5 minutes or stack it on top of what time you pay for. Have some time in between your next round in the tournament? Play some VR!

We have several other ideas and plans to utilize this new space but those details will have to wait for another day. STG is excited about this new beginning for us and the men of Escape Reality share our vision of building a fun and inclusive gaming community here on Delmarva and we look forward to continue to serve that budding community further into 2018 and beyond.