Small Town Gaming LLC is a video game tournament organization put together by a handful of guys from a small town with a HUGE passion for competitive gaming in their hearts. What started as several weekends of versus gaming amongst friends has transformed into a vision to host tournaments at a local and eventually national level.

Over the years, STG has hosted several tournaments or been actively involved in other game-related events in the surrounding areas. In our travels we have had the privilege of meeting and entertaining some of the most amazing players and fans on the eastern shore. The journey has been good so far for STG and we look forward to pursuing competitive gaming and the scope of everything involved within.

Our hope for the future is to continue to bring our community together, providing a fun environment and events for everyone, casuals and hardcore gamers a like, to enjoy friendly competition while playing some of their favorite games.

That said, welcome to STG, where a love of competition meets the welcoming friendly soul of your small town community!

Use Discord? So do we! Just click here to join.